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Most effective and easy-to-use promotion bot on Discord!

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Effortless promotion

By using just one command, you can promote your server in tens of other servers!


Intuitive setup

Setup is intuitive and extremely easy to follow!

Grow your server

By sending your promotion to tens of other servers, you are highly liked to get new members everytime you promote!

Opalin Dashboard

Over 5,500 servers

Hundreds of servers are using PromoBot on a daily basis!

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Start growing your server by following these 4 simple steps

Invite the bot

Invite the bot to your server by clicking on any of the widgets above


Use pr$setup command to successfully start promoting your server


Use pr$promo command to promote your server in other servers of the same category


Hit the recursive cycle of server growth and welcome all the new members!

5-Minute Setup

You are just 5 minutes from growing your server!

Step 1

Promo Channel

By growing your own server, you help other servers grow too! Promotions of other servers will be sent in this channel

Step 2

Promo Message

Tell the world about your server and gain attention by adding markdown and emojis to it! 👍

Step 3


This should be the discord invite to your server!

Step 4

Server category

To bring people with the same interests, Promobot wants to know your server's category, What's the them? What do you do there?

If you need any help, make sure to join PromoBot support server.