Get started with Promobot


  1. Invite the bot to your server
  2. Use pr$setup command to set the bot up in your server. Bot will walk you through all the necessary steps. Currently the steps are:
    • Self promotion channel where bot will send promo messages from other servers
    • Promotion message that you would like to be advertised on other servers
    • Invite to this server
    • Category of your server (options included, currently you are allowed to choose only one)
  3. If you have trouble setting up, see this GIF for a setup example or join my support server
  4. When you have done the setup, you are ready to go! Now, when you would like to promote your server, you can use pr$promo command. It will send the promotion message (provided in the setup command) in up to 100 servers of the same category (vote for the bot to promote in ALL servers of the same category).


  • Read Messages - to see commands
  • Send Messages - to respond to commands
  • Embed Links - plain text is boring
  • Manage Server / Manage Guild - to check if server invite to your server is valid or not. Promobot WILL NOT change server region, server name, server icon etc.
  • Create Invite - used in pr$setup command to create an invite to this server if you don't want to create one manually


Click here to view the full list of commands